How FETCHme works

The person who wants to collect and view the information is called the GROUP MANAGER.

The GROUP MANAGER creates a free account on the FETCHme website. Log in to see your GROUP # and identify the information you want to receive.

Give your GROUP # to anyone from which you want to receive information. Direct them to download the free FETCHme app (mobile or desktop) and then enter your GROUP # (Senders do not need to create accounts).

That's it!

Everyone can now send you information by clicking the SEND button.



Date and Time

GPS Coordinates

Device hardware and version

Operating System and version

MAC Address

IP Address

Android build.prop file

With your free GROUP MANAGER account, receive screenshots, pictures, and app information from any number of people and devices. Senders can download the always-free FETCHme app (mobile or desktop).

Create custom TAGs to organize people, screenshots, pictures, devices, and more. Include TAGs in your GROUP number to have information automatically organized for you.

You can view your collection with any browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You choose the type of information you want to receive. And, you do NOT have to enter Sender names — they are captured automatically.

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Senders can add markers and notes to screenshots and pictures. You can add your own notes and scores to each item received (visible only to you).

Senders do not need to create accounts. Very convenient and secure! You can keep device owner information confidentially by using employee number or student ID, or a custom code. Or, use full names and email addresses, if you prefer.

To build a collection of items,

sign up as a Group Manager.

Free Account

Sign up now!

To send items to a group manager, download the FETCHme app to your device.