Collect pictures, screenshots, and app information from multiple mobile devices. View and organize your collection in a browser.

Without FETCHme, the only way for you to capture information from multiple devices is to physically look at each and every device, and then manually record the information that is important to you. Or, to request that device users capture and email photos, screenshots, or device information to you. These methods are slow, unreliable, clumsy, and disorganized.

With FETCHme, device users can share anything with just a few clicks. Any picture, any information from any app and nearly any device. Everything gets uploaded to the cloud where you can view it at any time through a web browser. Senders can even add notes and annotations to screenshots and pictures. FETCHme works great for home, school, and work.

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FETCHme captures

  • Sender ID
  • Time & Date
  • Screenshots and Pictures
  • Notes and Markers
  • GPS Coordinates
  • OS Version
  • Manufacturer
  • Device Model
  • IP and MAC Addresses
  • Android Build File

Instructors and Trainers

Monitor the progress of your students as they play an app. Capture information from any app. Perfect for classroom or distance learning.

IT Managers

Manage employee devices. Perfect for bring your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

Real Estate Agents

Capture, share, and archive photos from multiple clients or colleagues.



Friends and Families

Share and archive photos. Hey, not everything is suited for Facebook.


Share and archive photos of projects, games, events, and activities.

App Developers

Receive annotated screenshots and bug reports.

Maintenance Companies

Capture photos and reports of maintenance tickets. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Construction Companies

Capture and archive photos of build progress.


Capture and organize property photos before and after rentals. Perfectly organized.

Security Companies

Centrally capture and archive incident photos from multiple security guards.

Quality Assurance

Capture photos of anything that needs monitoring. Restaurant cleanliness, retail shelving, equipment maintenance, and more.


Capture photos of patient treatments and recovery over time.

To build a collection of items,

sign up as a Group Manager.

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To send items to a group manager, download the FETCHme app to your device.