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FETCHme solves the 2nd biggest problem teachers face when trying to use tablets in the classroom

The biggest problem, of course, is getting tablets in the first place. But, once you have them, how do you monitor student performance? While a very few apps may have some type of centralized reporting for teachers, 99% of apps do not.

The only way to monitor progress is to walk around to look at each tablet, or to have students email you their information. These methods are slow, unreliable, and disorganized — a real time-waster for you.

GoVenture FETCHme allows you to collect pictures, screenshots, and app information from multiple mobile devices. It works with any app and nearly any device (tablet, smartphone, notebook, desktop).

With only a few clicks, your students can send you their app information, from anywhere in the world. Everything is automatically organized for you “in the cloud” by student, class, or any grouping you like. You can view everything through a web browser. And, it’s free.


  1. Direct your students to play your favorite app on their devices.
  2. Once they have finished playing, direct them to navigate to the screen on the app that shows their score or similar results. Direct them to take a screenshot of this screen. (To take a screenshot on iOS, hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously. For ANDROID, hold down the power and volume buttons).
  3. Direct students to switch to the FETCHme app and click the big green button to send you the screenshot.  (Students must have the FETCHme app installed on their devices).

All of your students’ screenshots get delivered to you quickly and nicely organized. Just login to the FETCHme website and browse. You can even organize screenshots by group, class, or any way you can think of.

Teachers can use FETCHme to monitor student progress, collect student photos for projects or fieldtrips, sporting events, yearbook archiving, and more.

School IT managers can use FETCHme to manage bring-your-own-device programs.

Friends and families can share and archive photos in a centralized and private location.

To build a collection of items,

sign up as a Group Manager.

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To send items to a group manager, download the FETCHme app to your device.