Using the FETCHme App

  • The FETCHme app is used to send items to the Group Manager who has an account on the FETCHme website.
  • The FETCHme app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Macintosh.
  • Launch the FETCHme app, then connect with a Group Manager by entering a Group #, Your ID, and your Password.
  • The Group # is provided to you by the Group Manager.
  • Your ID could be your name, student ID, employee ID, or some other way to identify you to the Group Manager. Ask your Group Manager what you should enter for this field.
  • Your Password is a secret word that you make up. This helps make sure that someone else does not use the same Your ID as you.
  • You only have to enter the information above one time. However, you should remember this information in case you ever log out (disconnect) and have to log in (join group) again. You may log out (disconnect) to connect to a different Group # or if a different person is using your device. When logging in, the app will show you the last two Group #'s you used.
  • Use the SEND button to send a screenshot, picture, or device information.
  • If the Group Manager is requesting that you send a picture or screenshot, you will be prompted to choose one from the camera roll or photo library on your device. If the Group Manager is not requesting a picture or screenshot, you will not be given the option to choose one.
  • Before sending a picture or screenshot, you have the option to add more pictures and screenshots to send at the same time (maximum 5), and you can add markers and notes (maximum 5). You can also view the device information that is being sent to the Group Manager. When adding markers and notes to multiple pictures at the same time, all markers and notes will apply to all of the pictures being sent at the same time.
  • Sending pictures and screenshots may take several seconds. Please be patient and keep the FETCHme app active (do not navigate to another app while sending is in progress). Sending on a WiFi connection is usually much faster than cellular.
  • You can send information to multiple Group Managers. To do this, log out (disconnect) of one Group # and log in (join group) to another. When you log in to a different Group #, you can use the same or different Your ID and Password.

Viewing your collection

You can view your collection using any Internet browser on a computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Visit and sign in. Note that the direct website is at

Group Manager

That’s you, the person who created the account on the FETCHme website and who wants to receive items from other people.

Group #

  • Your Group # is unique to you. It is what connects Senders to you. Senders must have your Group # to be able to send you items. (Think of it like your telephone number or email address).
  • Tags can be added to your Group #, making it easy to organize senders and items in your collection. See the TAGS section for details.
  • You can change your Group # but you should only do so if you are sure that it is necessary, due to security or other reasons. If you change your Group #, Senders with your old Group # will not be able to find you, unless you give them your new Group #. You do not lose old items when you change your Group #. Your Group # cannot be changed more than once a day.
  • You can only have one Group # active. If you want to build a separate collection under a different Group # you have to create a separate account on the FETCHme website. (Note that FETCHme may or may not allow the same person to have more than one free account, but you can have any number of paid accounts).

Sender ID

  • Senders are people you have shared your Group # with and who send you items for your collection. The Sender ID is entered by the Sender in the FETCHme app on their device.
  • As the Group Manager, you should give clear directions to your Senders as to how they should identify themselves to you. For example, you may want to see their real names as the Sender ID, or for greater privacy, you may request that Senders only use a student ID, employee ID, or some code that you make up.
  • Each Sender must have a unique Sender ID, otherwise you will not be able to tell who sent you each item in your collection.
  • If you receive items from a Sender that you do not want to receive items from, you can delete those items and use the Blacklist feature to remove the Sender from your group.
  • The number of Senders that can send you items is limited by the FETCHme plan you have, whether free or paid. If you exceed the maximum number, you and the Sender will be notified. You can either upgrade your plan or delete old Senders to make room for new Senders.
  • Senders can send information to multiple Group Managers. To do this, in the FETCHme app, a Sender must log out (disconnect) of one Group # and log in (join group) to another.


  • Your collection is made up of all the items you receive from Senders. Your collection includes the Sender ID and any screenshots, pictures, and app information received.
  • You can only see items sent to you by Senders when they click the SEND button in the FETCHme app. The item is then uploaded to the FETCHme website to your collection. You are NOT viewing items directly on a Sender’s device, but instead, are viewing copies of items sent to you from a Sender’s device.
  • Once an item is in your collection, it cannot be changed. If the Sender of that item makes any changes to the item on his or her own device, you will not see those changes, unless the Sender sends the updated item to you. In that instance, you will have two copies of the item, the old copy and the new copy (the new copy does not automatically delete the old copy, but you can manually delete it, if you choose).
  • The total number of items in your collection is limited by the FETCHme plan you have, whether free or paid. If you exceed the maximum number, you and the Sender will be notified. You can either upgrade your plan or delete old items to make room for new items.


  • Tags are keywords that help you organize your collection. You can create a tag and add it to any Sender or item. For example, you can tag a Sender as “Grade 10” or “Math 101” or “Sales Team” or “iPhone 5”. You can add multiple tags to the same Sender or item and you can remove a tag by clicking the X next to it.
  • Using the Tags tile, you can use tags to narrow the list of senders and items being displayed. For example, if you want to see all Grade 10 students that are taking Math 101, toggle those tags ON so that only senders and items with those tags will be visible. To toggle a tag ON, click it so that it highlights. Click it again to toggle it OFF.
  • Tags only organize and temporarily hide senders and items, they do not delete Senders and items.

Tags and Group #

  • Tags can be added to your Group #. Doing so will automatically add these tags to any Senders and items sent by Senders using the Group # tags. This saves you from having to manually add the tags after the items have been received.
  • For example, if your Group # is 555-5555 and you want all items sent by a Sender to automatically have tags #Grade10 and #Math 101 added to them, then give that Sender your Group # with tags added to it, like this:555-1212 #Grade10 #Math 101
  • Add tags to end of the Group # separated by spaces.
  • The Sender must enter the entire Group # with tags, as shown in the example above.
  • You must create the tags before using them in your Group # otherwise the Sender will not be able to connect to your Group # (i.e., the tags must appear in the green Tags tile).


  • Settings allow you to choose the type of information you want to receive from Senders. For example, if you choose to include Pictures and Screenshots, then Senders can send you pictures and screenshots from their device picture gallery.
  • You can choose the resolution of the images sent to you. Lower resolution images take up less storage space (MB) on your FETCHme account. Higher resolution images take up more storage space (MB) on your FETCHme account, but they provide more pixel detail.
  • Device information is sent on its own or with pictures and screenshots.
  • Senders can view the information that is being sent from their device before it is sent.
  • You can change the settings at any time, but note that changes only get updated on the Sender’s FETCHme app based on the Refresh setting. The Refresh setting is how frequently the FETCHme app will connect with the FETCHme website to update its settings (for example, every 24 hours, or every 8 hours, etc.). Your updated settings will not take effect until the refresh happens. Senders can initiate an immediate refresh at any time by using the Refresh button in the FETCHme app (under Manage Group > View Settings).
  • Your settings options may be limited by the FETCHme plan you have, whether free or paid.


  • You can send a message to be displayed on Senders’ devices. The message will appear in a popup window on the Senders’ devices, based upon the date settings you choose.
  • The timing of the message is also affected by the settings Refresh (details above).

Notes and Markers

  • Senders can add markers and notes to screenshots and pictures before sending them to you.
  • Each marker has its own notes. You can view the markers and notes in your collection.
  • You can also add your own notes and scores to each item received, but this information is only visible to you, not to Senders.

Blacklist and Whitelist

  • By default, anyone who has the FETCHme app and your Group # can send information to you.
  • For finer control over who can and cannot send information to your Group #, use the Blacklist and Whitelist features.
  • Using the MAC address of a device, FETCHme will either prohibit or allow that device from sending information to your Group #.
  • Blacklist any device you do NOT want to receive information from.
  • Whitelist any device you DO want to receive information from. Using the Whitelist feature means no other devices can send you information.

How to take screenshots

It’s easy to take a screenshot on most tablets and smartphones. Once a screenshot is taken, it automatically appears in the picture gallery, making it easy to send using FETCHme.

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously. You should hear a sound upon success.
  • Android
  • Hold down the power and volume buttons simultaneously. You should hear a sound upon success. Check your device help if this does not work for you.

Other uses for FETCHme

FETCHme can be used for all sorts of fun and helpful activities. Visit for ideas.


  • Group Managers can only view information that is intentionally sent to them by Senders.
  • Senders can only send information to Group Managers by clicking the SEND button on their devices. Information is never automatically sent without the Sender physically initiating the send.
  • Senders can see all information that is being sent from their device to the Group Manager before it is sent.
  • Items sent by Senders are uploaded to the FETCHme website to the designated Group Manager’s collection. Group Managers cannot view items directly on a Sender’s device.
  • Refer to the GoVenture FETCHme Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details on how the program may be used.


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